Metro Plex Wood is striving to become your premier pallet solutions company in Houston.   We are a family owned business, and we know the value and satisfaction our customers gain from dealing directly with an owner when you call in your order.  We pride ourselves on focusing on price, quality, and service in everything we do.

At our centrally located location at 7501 Schneider - right in the heart of Houston - we are uniquely positioned to acquire lumber, used pallets, and other materials at the best price, and the shorter the trip to your location translates to less freight and easier and more flexible delivery times. We manufacture new pallets, and we buy, sell, and remanufacture used ones as well. This provides Metro Plex Wood the ability to provide the custom pallet or crate solution to meet your needs - not just what we have inventory. We can computer design a pallet specifically engineered to withstand the use that your particular business requires.

5 Interesting Pallet Facts:

1 - Over 50% of pallet users report that damage to their products is due to mishandling and forklift-related damage or improper transportation according to a December 1999 Modern Materials Handling pallet user survey.

2 - Pallets and all other types of wood packaging encompass only 14% of all wood fiber harvested each year in the U.S. according to U.S. Forest Service. The wood fiber used in pallets is of lower esthetic quality and would otherwise not be used.

3 - A recent survey of pallet users found that 94% recycle their pallets - NWPCA's Target Industries Survey. Only 1.4% of all municipal wood waste (by weight) consists of pallets.

4 - Wood is one of the better insulators around due to wood fibers containing millions and millions of tiny air pockets within its structure that provide a thermal barrier. An inch of wood is approximately fifteen times as efficient as concrete when it comes to insulation and 400 times as efficient as steel - almost 1800 times as efficient as aluminum.

5 - Wooden pallets comprise over 90% of the entire world pallet market because they are economical, long-lasting, strong, functional, and safer than alternative materia

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